Manufacturer: INNOVISTA Feeding Solution

Distributor: Nepal Veterinary Medicine Distributors Pvt. Ltd.

Presentation: 25 KG bag

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(Colistin Sulfate 10% granular premix)

Stable antibiotic growth promoter to control gram negative infections

Product Details


100 gm : 10 gm (300 million colistin units)


Light yellow color, granular, free flowing, odorless


25 kg bags

Dosage per ton of finished feed

Poultry: 50 to 200 grams
Cattle: 50 to 400 grams
Swine: 50 to 200 grams


Keep in ventilated and dry place and avoid direct light

Shelf life

24 months in original packing


Broad antibiotic spectrum – Has strong antibiotic activity on gram negative bacteria such as E.coli, Salmonella and Pseudomonas aeruginosa, etc. It is effective on prevention and treatment of enteric diseases caused by bacteria.

Strong antibacterial action

its effect mechanism is by blocking cell membrane selective permeation function. Thus, it is very effective on killing enteric pathogenic bacteria, but no drug resistance profile is established.

Good compatability

Better effectiveness in combination with gram-positive antibacterial drug.

Good stability

it is not effected by feed enzyme and secretive substances.

Good security

no side effects, no residues in animal body

Good flowability

Granular product, no dust, no static electricity and no degradation and loss of activity in the process of storage and feed milling.


• Prevent and cure loose droppings, caused by gram negative bacteria in poultry, cattle and swine.
• Promote growth and better performance
• Improve feed conversion ratio and increase livability

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