PoulShot® LaSota+IB

Manufacturer: CAVAC

Distributor: Sungava Vet Pharma


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PoulShot® LaSota+IB is used for immunizing poultry against Newcastle disease and infectious bronchitis. It contains Newcastle disease live virus (LaSota strain) and infectious bronchitislive virus (Mass. Type, H-120) propagated in SPF chicken eggs, respectively.

Dose and administration:

Initial vaccination : 1 to 4 days old
Second vaccination : 3 weeks after initial vaccination

Package unit:

– Drinking water
Give the birds no water for at least two hours prior to vaccination. Dilute 1,000 doses of vaccine with natural cold water as per the following table.

Days Old 4 14 28 63
Layer 4L 10L 25L 40L
Broiler 8L 20L 44L

– Aerosol spraying
1,000 doses of vial vaccine rehydrated in 500ml of natural water. Spray the vaccine solution above the birds, using a pressure sprayer capable of producing microdroplets.

– Ocular route
1,000 doses of vial vaccine rehydrated in 30ml of diluent. Place one drop (0.03ml) of the vaccinal solution in the eye of each bird, waiting until the drop spreads properly before freeing the bird.


1. Vaccinate healthy fowl.
2. Discontinue use of any disinfectants 24 hours before and after vaccination.
3. Use natural cold drinking water for diluting the vaccine.
4. Protect the vaccine from excessive light and heat.
5. Use the entire contents without delay after rehydration.
6. Incinerate the vaccine container and any unused contents.
7. For Veterinary Use Only.

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