Manufacturer: Megavet Formulations

Distributor: Medvet Pharma Pvt. Ltd.


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Control microbes- Meets Biosecurity


Glutaroldehyde solution: 7% v/v

Chloride solution: 1. 25%v/v

Activators: Q.S

Stabilizers: Q.S


Control all microoraganism like bacteria, fungi & viruses, protozoans etc

Long- lasting effects

Easy for dilution & non staining & non-irritant

Also active in the presence of organic matter.

Useful in the operations carried in farms like spraying, dipping etc.

Usage applications:

For cleaning inside & outside farm buildings

Sanitizing hatcheries facilities

Washing eggs before keeping in hatchery/marketing

For cleaning all equipements, farm vehicles etc

Use as a disinfectant in all cleaning operations carried out in the poultry/animal farms/ sheds etc


10ml/1ltr of water & spray thoroughly empty premises, farm equipments, farm vehicle, feeder &


In drinking water: 1ml/10ltr of water

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