Description of ECX-2

Water acidifier gives beneft of Quick acidification of water and exhibits antimicrobial action on pathogenic bacteria & improves nutrient digestion and absorption.

Ingredient of ECX-2

Lactic acid, Phosphoric acid, Fumeric acid, Citric acid, Thymol and Carvacrol .

Direction for Use of ECX-2

2 ml per 10 lit of drinking water or as suggested by Veterianarian

Packing of ECX-2

1 lit, 5 lit

LivePro BS

Bacillus Probiotic Feed and Water Additive  

For Veterinary Use Only 


 Composition per ml: 

Bacillus subtilis  > 1×1010 cfu/ml 

Vitamins, Minerals, Permitted antioxidants and flavors added 



  1. Keep intestinal tract micro-ecological balance, decrease digestive system disease,

reduce feed & egg ratio 

  1. Increase egg weight, improve egg quality, enhanceegg production, extend peak production period. 
  2. Improve liver and kidney function, accelerate toxin and inflammatory substanceselimination.
  3. Improve immunity and anti-stress strength , increase survival rate and uniformity
  4. Prevent from various diseases



For Mixing in Feed or Raw Material: 

Layer/Chicks: 200 ml/Ton of feed 

Broilers: 300 ml/Ton of feed 

Growers: 300 ml/ton of feed 

Pigs: 200 ml/Ton of feed 

Fish: 200 ml/Ton of feed 

Cow/Buffalo: 300 ml/ton of feed 


For Feeding through water 


0.5 ml/Liter of water every week 


STORAGE: Keep in storage of 5-25℃, prevent from light. 

PACKING: 100ml, 200 ml, 500 ml, 1 L, 3 L and 5 L 



AB2 D3 k with Niacin 

(Single Strength) 


Each 1 kg. Contains: 

Vitamin A         82500000 IU 

Vitamin D3      16500000 IU 

Vitamin B     50000 mg. 

Vitamin K3     10000 mg. 

Niacin            3800 mg. 


  • Faster growth of chicks 
  • Increases egg production in layers 
  • Improves weight gain in Broilers 
  • Prevents curl toe Paralysis 
  • Increases feed Conversion 


100-125 gm. of Vitmix -A (Powder) is to be mixed with 1 metric ton of feed 


1 kg 

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