Post Mortem Examination

Post mortem examinations on birds that die give useful information of the disease status of the whole flock and may prevent others from dying. It is important that the sample that you send us is representative of the whole flock.  If the problem is mortality, then dead birds are the best sample. If the problem is culled birds, then these are the ones that need to be sent for examination. In case of doubt, please give us a ring.

  • We need between 6 and 8 fresh birds for post mortem.
  • The birds need to be wrapped and packed. Make sure that the birds are wrapped in newspaper or similar material. Then place them in a bin liner or carrier bag and fasten. Then place the bin liner or carrier bag into a hard cardboard box.
  • Complete the relevant submission form from the downloadable forms below.
  • For hygiene reasons make sure that the submission form is not in direct contact with the birds when the sample is packed.
  • You will be contacted with the results of the post mortem examination on the same day that we receive the sample. A full written report will follow shortly after the examination takes place.