A well balanced ration improperly fed will not give the most satisfactory result unless a satisfactory method is followed.

  1. Whole grain feeding system: by this method birds are allowed to have their required ingredients kept them in separate containers. The system though permit birds to balance their ration according to individual needs, however, it appears doubtful. This old and abandoned system offers no particular advantage. While it entails the use of several feed hoppers and a considerable amount of time to keep them filled.
  2. Grain and mash method: this method is slightly better than the previous one. it involves feeding of grain mixture along with balanced mash. By this, one can increase or decrease the protein level as desired. Unless the poultry man is exceptionally skilled, the method will lead to bad performance.
  3. All mash method: In this method of feeding, all the feed ingredients are ground, mixed in required proportion and feed as a single balanced mixture. This method is desirable for all types of poultry grown under litter and cage system. By this, birds cannot have the opportunity to have selective eating and more ever the quality of eggs produced are of uniform quality. However, ground feeds are not so palatable and do not retain their nutritive value so well as ungrounded feeds.
  4. Pellet method: Pellet are made of dry mash under high pressure. These are quite hard and cylindrical shape and are being extensively used in western countries. The greatest advantage in using pellets is that there is little waste in feeding. The disadvantage is that pellet are expensive- about 10% expensive than that of feed not pelleted.

Restricted and controlled feeding: The method involves restrictions of feeding pullets during 6-20 week of age instead of ad libitum feeding as is practiced at present in most poultry farm. Reduction in feed cost, delayed sexual maturity but improved egg production curve, along with a reduction in the number of small eggs laid are more advantages of this system. Feed restriction to birds can be made by a number of ways, viz.(1) Skip a-day programme: (2) alternate day feeding ,(3) restriction of feeding time, etc.

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