Effects of Environment on Poultry Farming

Effects of Environment on Poultry Farming

Heat stress is the major problem in poultry farming. Being a tropical country the temperature reaches over 40°C during summer and is not suitable for poultry farming. Hot and humid weather conditions and poor management practices increase the mortality in flocks, reduce the growth and make poultry production to uneconomical level. In traditional farming, during the summer farmers have to either continue taking flocks compromising with poor performance in feed intake, growth rate, weight gain, FCR (Feed Conversion Ratio) in broilers along with mortality or totally close the business to avoid all these risks that could disturb the hired labour and staff. Controlled environment poultry farms can overcome this critical summer situation. These farms when equipped with highly mechanized system of automatic chain feeding and nipple drinking systems make the environment quite conducive for poultry production by getting continuous production.

Benefits of Poultry Farming in Controlled Environment

Poultry Farming in Controlled Environment can be a milestone in poultry industry and is rapidly becoming popular among broiler producers due to its following significant advantages:

  1. The temperature remains consistent round the clock providing very conducive environment to the broilers.
  2. The temperature can be brought down by 10°C to 15°C in controlled environment farm as compared to the conventional farm and makes environment more comfortable for birds.
  3. In conventional farming the broiler production in summer is almost stopped and only four flock could be taken whereas in controlled environment farming 6-7 flocks could be raised.
  4. Being controlled environment the incidence of diseases could be minimized and cut down the cost of vaccine and medication as compared to conventional farming.
  5. Mortality rate seems decreased to 2 to 3 percent in controlled environment farm as compared to 10 percent in conventional farm.
  6. In controlled environment farm only low manpower is required as compared to conventional farm.
  7. In controlled environment farm a broiler flock is ready for market in 37 days as compared to 45 days in conventional farm.
  8. Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR) in conventional farm is more 2 to 2.2 (3 to 3.3 kg feed to gain 1.5 kg weight), whereas FCR is improved to 1.8 in controlled environment farm (2.8 kg feed to gain 1.5 kg weight)


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