Case History: 

Age: 6 weeks, Breed: Cobb 500 , Flock Size: 6000

Mortality : 20-30-25-20-40-15-10-50

Clinical signs and symptoms:

-Sluggish, reluctant to move   – dies with the leg stretched resting on dorsal part

-Decrease in feed and water Intake

Post-Mortem findings:

Pin point and Ecchymotic Hemorrhages on the duodenal loop visible from outside (note the spots)
Multifocal granulomas in chronic pneumonic lungs











Epicardial Hemorrhages, fibrin deposition in Heart , –Fatty liver changes and
Sever nephritis with visible distended nephrones filled with urates











-Hemorrhages in junction between Gizzard and Proventriculus, -congestion of spleen




Post your views on diagnosis ?

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  • Manandhar Sikesh

    It might be due to Sulfonamide toxicity as in above pictures we can see haemorrhages in most of the abdominal organs. All of these haemorrhages are resulted due to pancytopenia resulted because of sulfonamide toxicity. This toxicity is generally seen in hot weather and when the drug is administered via water. These days in Nepal the weather is hot and also the drug is usually administered through water so most probably it might be a case of sulfonamide toxicity.
    However the echymotic hemorrhage in the proventricular galnd should be differentiated with ND, IBD, Myoctoxicosis, AI according to history of the birds.

  • Santhavaliyan

    I think This is deeplitter farm so Check for cocci

  • Khaled

    What is the last treatment and Vaccination
    Suspect viral infection may be ND , AI
    You may take blood sample for ELISA and tissue for PCR
    Good luck

  • Syed Azmat

    Sorry for being late, treat with Amoxicillin for clostridial infection, then give methanmine and Sorbitol supportive treatment.

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