Vetway International

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Vetway International has been established in the year of 2013 with the vision of providing Innovative Quality Veterinary Medicine in Nepal.

Poultry and livestock there are two segment products are available from different medicine manufacturing Company.

Now Vetway is firmly positioned to fulfill the emerging local challenges in poultry and livestock. Vetway helps in providing the farmers not just customized products but its solutions, developing & evaluating products and processes to meet entire satisfaction.

Vetway offers a healthy working environment that cultivates speed, teamwork and growing partnerships.

We have an Experience sales team who develop the markets of  Vetway International.

Vetway offers any tailor-mades combination formulations, with the help of its Partners.

Zeus Biotech Pvt. Ltd.

Ayugen Pharma Pvt. Ltd.

Genesis Biosciences 

Ani Health Care Pvt. Ltd.

Vetway working closely with customers in the Marketplace, Recognizes the requirements for the highest level of Support in product research, development and Marketing. Our strategy is to continue to invest in new generic and innovative formulations that are helpful for Nepalese farmer, which is need of the day.

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Deepak Chandra Sen

Managing Director

Vetway International.
Head Office: Tintolia, Biratnagar, Dist. Morang, Nepal.
Phone: +977-21-417040
Marketting  Office: Shivanagar, Kalanki, Kathmandu, Nepal.
Cell & Whatsapp No. : +977-9808035138
Cell & Viber No.        : +977-9851069346

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