Poultry Diagnositc Lab – An ultimate solution to poultry health:

The comprehensive Poultry Diagnostic Laboratory (PDL) ensures high poultry health standards as only the healthy flocks can perform to the maximum of their genetic potential. Therefore flocks health is a vital part of the total research activity conducted by PDL.

In today’s fast moving business environment evidence-based decision making is essential to good management. But that is by no means the only reason that it pays to measure – proving compliance with regulatory requirements, demonstrating that customers’ quality expectations have been met and checking internal performance to pave the way for continuous improvement, are equally important.

PDL offers high quality microbiological and serological analytical testing service across all aspects of poultry production which includes birds’ health protection, routine hygiene monitoring of hatchery and commercial poultry flocks (Parent, layers, broilers). Diagnosis is made on compiling the lab report and the history presented which leads to accurate diagnosis and precise medicine prescription is done.

The purpose of vaccination is to provide immunity to locally prevalent poultry diseases. This includes the vaccination of breeder flocks with the intent to pass maternal antibodies to their progeny. One important function of our poultry diagnostic laboratory is to measure antibody titers as a means of determining the effectiveness of vaccination programs.

In addition to microbiological and serological examination, PDL offer the molecular level diagnosis using Real time PCR facility which provides the possibility to examine all types of pathogens such as Mycoplasma or the Avian Influenza virus within a few hours. Furthermore it is possible to quickly characterize bronchitis virus strains or detect virulence factors in E. coli strains.

We offer:

  • Diagnosis via internationally recognized analytical methodology and standards;
  • Confidential, accurate and timely service for customers;
  • New analytical solutions developed to meet market changes;
  • Knowledge and information to allow customers to make the right business decisions.

Poultry diagnostic Laboratories have years of experience in the Nepalese poultry sector so we really understand the requirements and concerns of our customers. Our skilled manpower can advise on sampling and testing schedules – and can help you interpret the results. This expertise, linked with modern facilities and analytical capability, allows Poultry Diagnostic Laboratories to meet the challenging and changing needs of Nepalese poultry producers, advisers, consultants and veterinary professionals.